Yahoo Hacking Was the Work of Individual Hackers

A leading information security company InfoArmor has claimed that the 2014 hacking of Yahoo, which was announced only recently by Yahoo was not the work of the state sponsored hackers but this was done by individual cybercrimininals.

Yahoo had said last week that the hacking of data of its 500 million users in 2014 was the work of state sponsored actor, for which it has not shared any evidence or details so far. The hackers had successfully stoned personal data and also the account verification security questions and answers. InfoArmor has challenged this claim of Yahoo in a report and has expressed the opinion that this hacking for done by hackers-for-hire individuals whose online pseudonyms are quite well known in the dark internet.

Yahoo has not yet come out with anything concrete on its claim and it has said that the investigation is still continuing.

Yahoo has recently agreed a deal with Verizon for an acquisition deal of $4.8 billion. However, this hacking saga has cast a shadow on the deal and Verizon is investigating the potential effect of this news on the deal itself.

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