Yahoo Mail Suffers Outage, Yet Again

yahoo mail login problemYahoo Mail has failed again and LA Times has reported that it suffered widespread outage leaving the users locked out of their email accounts.

Either the users were not able to login to their email accounts or they were greeted with a picture of a crying baby with the text “Sorry, we are over capacity. Please wait a moment and try again.”

This is the latest in Yahoo mail outage. The service remained down for almost five days for its 100 million users which led to many of its loyal users to switch to competing web mail services.

In January this year, Yahoo announced that its email service was the target of a coordinated hacking attempt.

Yahoo has addressed this outage and emailed LA Times that “Web access has now been fully restored for Yahoo Mail users.  We’re sorry for the inconvenience.” But this is an alarming situation for Yahoo Mail because it is earning the reputation of an unreliable email service.

Source: LA Times

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