Yahoo to Tap Yelp for Improved Local Search Results

Yahoo Open Hack Day Brasil 2010Yahoo is going to make another effort to boost its search by partnering with Yelp for improved local search offerings, The Wall Street Journal has reported.

An anonymous source has tipped WSJ that within the next few weeks, Yahoo search will start directly displaying Yelp reviews and listings.

The details of exactly how this will feature in search results but probably the yelp results along with ratings and stars will display right inside search pages.

Presently the search results on Yahoo bring up a special section which is powered by Yahoo’s own Yelp equivalent service called Yahoo Local which currently has information like local restaurants and locations, reviews and contact details.

In an update last month Yahoo announced that local search results will be featured in the side bar of search page almost similar to Google.

There are not details about the terms of the partnership but probably the arrangement is being made to distinguish Yahoo search results from those of rivals Google and Bing.

Yahoo has been trying to regain its former status of internet’s home page after it brought Marissa Mayer, a former Google employee, as its CEO.

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