YouTube Subscription Service May be Launched by October

YouTube has been around for more than ten years as a free service but this might be getting a bit of change soon.

YouTube has been trying to launch its much awaited subscription service for quite some time and now there are reports that the wait is going to be over soon and it might be launched towards the end of October.

YouTube has also emailed the content owners on its site to agree to the new terms latest by 22nd October and after that their videos will not be available for public view and monetization in the United States if they do not agree to these new terms.

YouTube itself has not been able to commit to any timelines about the new subscription service since the idea was floated about a year ago. They were expecting a mid-summer launch and it is quite likely that the launch may well slip past the 2015.

And it will be launched as single service which will bundle two services – the music service called YouTube Music Key which is already in beta and the ad free YouTube video service.

Sources claim that the price for the both the services together will be $10 a month. YouTube has not offered any comment on the latest news. YouTube has said that more than 90 percent of the content owners have already agreed to the new terms and the rest are also likely to agree to these.

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