Zynga to Launch 3 Games for Mobile in March

Zynga has said that it will launch “FarmVille 2: Country Escape” game along with two other games in March in an attempt to re-brand itself as a mobile gaming company.

Bye Bye Farmville!

The other two games are Words With Friends and Zynga Poker. All three games will be released for both Android and iOS and will be finally launched world over in June. Zynga CEO Don Mattrick, while talking to Reuters admitted that the company could not remain in sync with the mobile revolution. He said:

“Did the company miss a beat with the transition to mobile? Absolutely. Are we fixing that? Yes, we are.”

Zynga share price has risen by 65 percent after Mattrick, who is the former head of Xbox gaming division of Microsoft, took over as CEO.

Previous business model of Zynga which was based on selling virtual goods to game players on Facebook suffered heavy setback when users started moving to their mobiles for playing games starting 2012.

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